Tutors and Tutees (Literature Event)

  • Onsite Meetings

    For Polish Tutors and Tutees

    For Greek Tutors and Tutees on May 22nd at the 3rd GEL of Argyroupolis

    Greek Tutees visit the school of the Greek Tutors. They play a Music Game (Musical Chairs) using the Polish wedding song, they teach each other Greek dances, they play twister, soccer and basketball in mixed groups of Tutors and Tutees. Tutors also assist Tutees in drawing the Polish painting.  

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    Watch the video below for a brief overview of the onsite event

    Playing Musical Chairs with the Polish wedding song

    Greek Tutors and Tutees play "Musical Chairs" Game using the wedding song our Polish partners shared with us for the Module 3: Literature 

    Copying our partners' painting

    Assisted by Tutors, Tutees copy a Polish painting. 

    Dancing together the Greek wedding song 

    ...more dancing