Evaluation & Dissemination

  • "What have I learnt?" "What did I like?"

    Project students answer these two questions and express their views on the project in the designated Forum (screenshots on the padlet wall below). They also complete a Google form (see at the bottom of the current page). Tutors' and Tutees' answers, Mentors', Project Teachers' and visitors' overall evaluation are posted on the padlet wall below along with drawings for evaluation, images and videos pointing to what was learned. 

     In addition, to show the impact of "Mentoring@sch" on the local and school communities, reports on school events, posts on school webpages and other websites are also collected on this padlet wall under the first column entitled "Dissemination"  

    (click on the arrow on the right to open the padlet wall in a new window for the complete image)

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