Tutors' work: Vocabulary & Activities

  • Tutors and Tutees working nationally (Polish Tutors and Tutees/Greek Tutors and Tutees)

    February 28th, 2018 

    Live meeting - Tutors and Tutees.

    The aim is to practise idioms. The lesoon is to be conducted by Polish Tutors. Together with Monica we prepared a lesson plan for Tutors and we would like to share it with You .

    Aim: getting to know idioms


    1. Introducing idioms by tutees– with words (English forms) and with gestures Or drawings – tutees are to guess the meaning in their native language and write their equivalents on a worksheet.
    2. Tutees  write their equivalents in a native language on a worksheet.
    3. Charades game – two teams of tutees. Tutees one by one get the idioms and present them using gestures or drawings for their teams to guess.
    4. QR CODES. – In a classroom tere are codes (numbered) on the walls. Tutees scan codes and sapek them out and give their meanings In a native language.
    5. Quizlet – matching game . Tutees are supposed to match the idioms with their definitions In English.
    6. DRAWING IDIOMS – teams of Tutees and Tutors – Together they Draw idioms on a big sweet of paper
    7. The drawings are displayed on the noticeboard.
    8. Here’s the list of idioms that is to be suggested to be practiced by tutors  in a lesson
    9. black and blue

      bruised and beaten


      We found the poor guy black and bluenear the train tracks.

      catch red handed

      catch someone in the act of doing something wrong or illegal

      złapać na gorącym uczynku

      The kids were caught red handedstealing chocolate bars.

      the green light



      The builders were given the green lightto begin the tower.

      once in a blue moon

      very rarely

      od wielkiego dzwonu/od wielkiego święta/ raz na ruski rok

      We only go out for dinner once in a blue moon.

      out of the blue


      Nagle, znienacka, jak grom z jasnego nieba

      I got a phone call from a long lost cousin out of the blue last week.

      cat nap

      a short sleep


      I'm going to have a cat nap while you're cooking dinner.

      get the lion's share

      get the greatest percentage

      lwia część, największy udział

      My aunt got the lion's share of the inheritance.

      raining cats and dogs

      raining heavily

      leje jak z cebra, bardzo mocno pada deszcz

      I forgot my umbrella, and it was raining cats and dogs.

      black out


      Stracić przytomność

      I always black out at the sight of blood.

      black sheep

      the odd or bad member of the group

      czarna owca

      My oldest brother was the black sheepin our family. He dropped out of school at fifteen.

      feel blue

      be sad or depressed

      być smutnym, przygnębionym

      I always feel blue during the winter time.

      see red

      be very angry

      wściekać się

      I saw red when that guy grabbed my sister's purse.