Tutees' work: Infographics

  • The Polish and Greek Tutees collaborate on three infographics on idioms with the words

    "lion" and "dog". 

    Either the Polish or the Greek Tutees start first adding idioms in their own language, which contain the words mentioned above. The first editors supply the written form in their native language, its phonetic transcription, and they also add the English translation so the editors - Tutees from partner school can understand the meaning of the idiom and do the same with the equivalent idiom from their own language.

    For the infographic on "lion", the Greeks start first and the Polish Tutees finish the work. For the infographic on "dog", the Polish start and the Greeks complete it. The complete infographics along with the other cooperative results of Tutees' work are available on TwinSpace page "What we have done together" 

    Here's the  shareable link  to co-edit the infographic below with idioms with the word "lion" in Greek and Polish 

    Here you can find the shareable link to edit the infographic below with Polish and Greek idioms with the word "dog"