Tutees' work: Drawing

  • After completing the material on Idioms provided by the Tutors, the Tutees co-created infographics with selected idioms in the FL. They also co-created a drawing of an English idiom "it's raining cats and dogs" which was considered a favorite.

    At the last online meeting involving Tutors and Tutees, the children started working together on the drawing but, due to lack of time, only a few items were added. Later on, the Polish Tutees added all the items on the drawing (Draft 2) and invited the Greek Tutees to colour and complete the drawing.

    Here you can see Draft 2 and two versions of the completed drawing.

    Version 1: the final result of one group of Tutees using colored pencils and

    Version 2: the final result of another group of Tutees who used software (Paint2D)

    The final drawings along with the other cooperative results of Tutees' work are available on TwinSpace page "What we have done together" 

    Draft 2

    Version 1: Final result using colored pencils

    Using colored pencils    

    Version 2: Final result using Paint 2D

    Greek Tutees working on Draft 2 shared by Polish Tutees