Tutees' work : QR codes

  • Cooperative work by Polish and Greek Tutees

    (for more products see the padlet wall below created for Tutees' work on Informatics)

    The QR codes are very simple to generate and to scan.
    1) In order to "read" the message hidden under the QR code you need to download QR CODE READER/SCANNER  onto your mobile. It's free and there are a lot of options to choose from the internet. In order to use it you need to open your QR CODE SCANNER, approach it to the code and the message appears on your mobile screen.
    2) In order to generate QR code - the procedure looks similar. You have to download QR CODE GENERATOR onto your mobile or open the page on the computer.(https://www.qr-code-generator.com/) When you type the text it appears in the form of the scan and you can generate it either on your computer - which is better or on your mobile as well.

    3) Tutees have an Easter lesson. They use a film (https://en.islcollective.com/video-lessons/easter-vocabulary) and post on the padlet wall: 


    a. the QR codes they will generate with Easter customs and wishes for their partners in their native language (Polish or Greek) and the project language. Partners will "read" each other's customs and wishes and comment on them using the "comment" feature of padlet posts.

    b. They will wish All the best and Happy Easter to their partners and they will record the movies and post them on the padlet wall for a collection of video wishes. (link to the padlet wall)


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