Tutees' work: Videos

  • Idioms in 3 languages.

    Cooperative activity: Based on peer-teaching, this activity involves Polish and Greek Tutees in practicing idioms asynchronously using videos produced by their partners

    "lion's share" , "a lion's heart", "true blue"

    Polish and Greek pupils teach each other idioms. Initially, the Polish Tutees say 'lion's share" in English and 5 times in Polish for the Greek Tutees to listen and say. The Greek pupils repeat the Polish equivalent of the idiom, say it in English and in Greek. They repeat the Greek idiom 4 times for their Polish partners to listen, learn and say. The same procedure is followed for the other two idioms.

    The complete collection of videos of the three idioms along with the other cooperative results of Tutees' work is available on TwinSpace page "What we have done together"