Our hard and deep work is giving sweet kind results: National Quality Labels, one more sign that recognizes the value of the project, which has been developed thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of teachers and students and with the support of all our schools.


    The French quality label is the first to be obtained. For sure the others will follow !

    Catalonia has already got the Quality label for our Monumental Europe project!

    Here are the brilliant comments from the National Service about our project:


    Congratulations! We have just awarded you the eTwinning Quality Label for your "Monumental Europe" project. We congratulate the teacher for the excellent work carried out in the Monumental Europe project. It is a very creative, innovative and motivating eTwinning project that, focusing on the European Year of Cultural Heritage, has joined five countries to work on a common project that has reinforced a shared sense of European identity. We emphasize the originality and creativity of the project theme, the methodologies used and the great variety of activities carried out collaboratively by the partners: presentation of the students in an original "Mystery Skype" as well as videos of questions and answers in chain, activity " 5 countries 5 monuments "with a lot of collaboration and use of different ICT tools, the multilingual dictionary, the exchange of the itinerant mascot, the related games, the collaborative calendar, the brochures of local monuments in six languages, the competition to design an architectural monument , the design of souvenirs, the multilingual anthem created and interpreted by the students, the exchange of the practice of traditional dances, etc. The work, well organized by the teachers with clear and well explained guidelines, has allowed the autonomy of the students, who have been protagonists of the project. There is evidence of all this in the Twinspace pages, in the project diary and in the forum dedicated to the collaborative calendar. The topic of Internet security is remarkable. It also highlights the project in the dissemination work carried out in different countries and, within it, we point out the activity "monumental shopping contest" that has served to take the project out of the classroom. Improvement proposals: - Establish evaluation criteria to measure the development of key competences by students. - Take into account the privacy and safety of students, avoiding hanging images in which they can be recognized and identified (if the Project Journal is public). Another option would be to configure the Project Journal as private. - Organize the TwinSpace better, so that it is easier to follow up on the different activities developed during the same. Congratulations for the excellent work of students and teachers.


    Waiting for the 3 missing ones ;-)

    Here we are!!!!!!  Italian Quality Label

    The "Monumental Europe" project is an excellent project that combines academic rigor and pedagogical creativity, spread over many aspects, all linked to the basic idea of describing the monuments of their land. The project is related to an Erasmus + whose opportunities have been widely used. Perfectly integrated into the curriculum are  the  many different activities, which allow to consolidate in the students many basic skills and competences of European citizenship. The use of ICT is always adequate and varied. There are many final results of the project, all well documented and shared by each partner. The well organized TwinSpace makes it possible to identify the contribution of each partner but at the same time to appreciate the fact that the contents have been carefully planned in a shared way. The only suggestion for the future: since the students are old enough, in a future project they could be interacted directly on the TwinSpace.

    Greek Quality Label


    "Congratulations on the Quality Label attributed to your work. You have done an excellent project with interesting topics, a variety of collaborative and highly interesting activities, great communication between students, use of Technology, assessment by teachers and pupils and very good dissemination of the project. You have managed to deal with the theme of Cultural Heritage in an original and unique way!"