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    This wonderful 2.0 tool let us discover in a very funny and creative way, who are some of our partners.

    The tool lets the children to work on commmon skills, they learn to ask questions, they develop the empathy towards the other partners, it also reinforces the problem-solving skill and also the cultural understanding.

    France and Catalonia met together in front of the screen, but students did not know where the others were from.

    They had prepared some YES/NO questions before the Skype such as:

    1. Is your country in Europe?

    2. is your country a hot country?

    3. Does your country touch the sea?

    4. Has your country the Alps mountains?

    5. Do you speak Italian?

    6. Do you speak more than one language?

    7. Do you live in a city?

    8. Is your town in the north of the country?

    9. has it got an important river close to it?

    10. Is it a small town?

    The YES/NO answers helped us to move on the map ( students used their laptops or tablets and searched on Google maps) and find out the exact point of the two towns: CESSAN ( France) and Navàs ( Catalonia)

    Here is a little report of our wonderful experience:

    Here's the Doodle to find out more days to meet together: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/g7w8nwrbpdyq699b#table