Hello, we present you our Monumental Europe's mascot. He is called ME the Dragon.

    After an exhibition of all the mascots designs made by our partners from Navàs, they voted which one could be the best to represent our project and to travel around our countries. 

    AND THE WINNER IS ... ME , the dragon

    We have one version in plasticine to be reproduced in class by anyone and in fabric in order to travel and visit our countries for about 15 days each one.

    ME, is getting ready, including his handmade diary, to take notes of all adventures he will experience during the journey through Europe!

    ME will depart from Catalonia, then land to France, after France he will fly to Italy, next to Greece and to Poland. Finally, he will come back home again in Catalonia. What a great adventure is waiting for him!

    The journey will start in mid January, after Christmas and New Year's holidays, and will end at the end of May, after Easter holidays. ME will stay on each country not more than 15 days.

    He will visit all the 5 schools, take notes on his diary about: transport used , booking flights ( price), stay in  a hotel near the school, weather, typical food and traditions experienced during the stay in that country, important visits ( in case any student from that country visits the monument or something special, he/she can take ME with him/her and take a photo for the diary), the school and what is most important of all: the etwinning partners. He will take a photo with them apart from learning lots of things from them.

    22nd January 2018

    ME is almost ready to depart. He is excited to meet soon his partners from France. Our friends from Navàs have worked hard to give all the most important information about their country, and also preparing a small gift for each one of the French partners.

    Monday 22nd Januaary, everything is ready to depart: the diary , with the most important things from Catalonia, the gift for the French partners and the excitement to meet new people , to discover a new country and to learn from its monuments, traditions, food, and living an amazing adventure travelling around Europe!

    ME DRAGON in France
    ME Dragon has arrived in France on Monday, january 29th.

    Today, he has already done many things at school : he has eaten with the teachers, he has worked on computers and he has been playing football !

    A special day today for ME Dragon in France ! It has been snowing all day ...  However ME dragon has learnt fractions with LEGO bricks


    Ghilarza.21st of February 2018

     Me arrived in Sardinia  this morning at 11 o'clock! After a long journey he needs to  have some rest! Tomorrow will be a very busy day!He will start visiting  our town , our schools and landmarks!The children are so happy and  excited !They like the souvenir very much!Thanks French friends!



    Me is having fun in Sardinia! Today is visiting the historical centre of Ghilarza: the Aragonese Tower and San Palmerio Church!

    Pyrgos, Friday 16th March, 2018

    Dear all, ME the Dragon is in Pyrgos! He arrived safely at 14:30 after a long journey! Dear Giovanna and Italian students, thank you for sending him safe to Greece and for your souvenirs! ME the Dragon, after relaxing at home, will be ready to spend the following days in the 1st Primary School of Pyrgos with the Greek students. They were looking forward to his visit!


    ME spent Monday with Chryssa. What an exciting day it was!
    A basketball game, a ballet lesson, a walk to the park and a souvlaki for dinner was part of this fist day in Pyrgos, Greece!


    ME spent Monday with Thanos! A lovely day with amazing Lego games!


    Bill and Takis took ME for a walk around Pyrgos on Tuesday after school.
    They had a lovely afternoon! 


    Marina sent some lovely photos of ME at her home. ME made some new friends as well!


    More friends for ME and a delicious dinner with Christina!


    Thedora and Mariza hosted ME in Greece too!


    It was great with ME in Greece! More details in the diary! Amazing adventures in Europe!



    POLAND - ME, welcome to POLAND !




    A map for the travel !



    Monday 28th May, a gib parcel arrived in class 6! ME the dragon was inside and also his diary, full of information about the countries that he visited, images, experiences, lovely memories and culture.

    There were some sweet gifts for us to from Poland! Just lovely :-)

    Thank you to all participant countries that made ME's dream come true!


    Here are the memories of our travelling mascot called ME. Their experiences around Eruope helped us to love our countries, our cultures and our heritage a little bit more.

    Thank you ME!