• It is time to learn how important our our dances in our culture and in our lives. They are a symbol of social understanding, a way of holding hands and strengthern friendships .

    We will show one of our dances to the rest of the countries, so that they will be able to learn how to dance it. It will be very fun, for sure, but at the same time we will enrich our culture.

    Each country will upload a video ( tutorial ) with the title of the dance in the proper Padlet 2.0 webtool.

    After that, the other countries will learn and dance it too. They will upload the recorded video on the same Padlet with the name of the country.


    Here you have the tutorial of this dance, made by pupils of Grade 6.



    Just in case, something is not clear, you can watch this video where pupils from our Secondary school called EDN school, danced for their Erasmus+ partners with the project called MOPIC.



    France dancing "The stick dance"


    We will need a few more tries but it is going on in France with the stick dance ! Lots of fun for everybody although some find it difficult !

    Italy dancing the Stick dance""

                           Our final video:  5d  dancing the Stick Dance

    Greece dancing "The stick dance"

    We had several rehearsals to learn the stick dance.

    On the day of this performance the teacher of Music, Mr Theodore, kindly helped us.


    Poland dancing "The stick dance"



    We have choosen our dance. It will a traditionnal dance from Brittany (West of France). We are training hard and we will be soon able to record our song. 

    French dancing "La Jument de Michao"




    Greece dancing "La Jument de Michao"

    We had a lot of fun learning this dance. The French teacher, Mrs Nota helped us.

    You can see both of us in the video!


    Catalonia dancing "La Jument de Michao"

    Italy dancing "La Jument de Michao"

    Poland dancing "The stick dance"




    Here you can see our folk group dancing the traditional Sardinian dance!


     The children are dancing the basic steps of the Sardinian dance: one step forward and 2 steps backwords . We have different dances and some of them are very complicated! 



    Traditional Sardinian Dance from Giovanna Piras on Vimeo.

    Greece dancing the Sardinian dance:


    Catalonia dancing the Sardinian dance:

    We tried to do our best, although it was not easy for us we had great fun!

    France dancing the Sardinian dance:

    Poland dancing the Sardinian dance:



    Zespół Szkolno - Przedszkolny in Daleszyce, POLAND



    Greece dancing the Polish dance:


    Catalonia dancing the Polish dance:

    France dancing the Polish dance:

    Italy dancing the Polish dance:


    Greek traditional dance

    My Red Apple

    This is the Greek dance, a happy song named "My red apple".

    It is a happy song with a very happy rhythm. It is easy to dance.

    The students of E1 performed this traditional dance while the students of E2 were watching them.

    The video whose music we used is at



    Italy dancing the Greek dance:

    Catalonia dancing the Greek dance:

    France dancing the Greek dance:

    Poland dancing the Greek dance: