European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018


    “ Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation” Nelson Mandela


    With this project , teachers want to spend together a good time learning with our students about Europe throughout its monuments, sites, traditions and culture.

    Here are the main goals:

    1. To know the cultural heritage of different European countries throughout their monuments, landscapes, traditions and languages.

    2. To raise awareness towards history and values and strengthen the sense of European identity.

    3. To encourage our kids to explore European’s rich and diverse cultural identity.

    4. To celebrate, understand and protect all countries unique value.

    5. To let our kids understand the past and look to our future by highlightening the cultural heritage.

    6. To reinforce their knowledge about the physical and political European countries.

    7. To develop the key competences in order to help students become more autonomous, creative, sociable and communicative.

    8. To encourage them to become active citizens

    9. To respect and value diversity

    10. To work on ICT in order to make our kids more competent in the use of 2.0 webtools.

    11. To improve their level of English as this will be the communicative language of the project.

    12. To involve and give a hand to those teachers and kids who have their first experience on an eTwinning project