• Time to start working together again. Now we will make the ME 2018 calendar . Each country will be in charge of uploading the image of its monument model done during the tasks in November, and also one photo of the country model in the padlet below.

    Apart from that , we will write a message, quote or sentence giving a good advice of what people can do to preserve our cultural heritage. Write it on the padlet just below the photo.

    Each country will also be responsible of writing special dates we have to celebrate on each month, about cultural heritage or the school, town or country. We will try to use the forum called Monumental Europe calendar 2018, to write the special dates for the calendar there.

    Deadline 19th January

    Made with Padlet

    After a whole month of busy hard work, thanks to the cooperation of all memebers of the five teams , we managed to create our first Monumental Europe Calendar 2018!

    Pupils from different countries have uploaded some images, pictures, murals, messages, quotes about monuments, special dates from each of our countries and the importance of being respectful with all our cultural heritage.

    Padlet and Twinspace forums have been very useful to share all the material in order to take it and create the calendar in the end.

    And here it is!

    Anybody who wants it can also download from material document and print ti to have in the classroom and even at home!