• Our Project MONUMENTAL EUROPE is spreading the European Cultural Heritage everywhere!

    On January 26th, Friday 2018 the Monumental Shopping Contest of our project was presented to teachers who attended an eTwinning workshop at the library and ICT lab of the 1st Junior High School in Pyrgos. Teachers had the opportunity to take part in the contest and to see part of the work of the pupils.



    Last 14th February some pupils from Sant Josep school in Navàs went to Serveis Territorials de la Catalunya Central from Departament d'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya. There was difussion eTwinning session called " Obrim un projecte eTwinning" leaded by Marta Pey and Fina Vendrell.

    They started the event grouping participants ( teachers from primary and secondary levels) into three groups. Each group had a pair of pupils who told them some experiences and activities done at school while developing an eTwinning project.

    They explained them how to work as a team , cooperating and working together in order to get a good final result.

    They showed them the Monumental Europe Calendar 2018 and Monumental Shopping contest.




    We have sent our calendar to the President Mattarella by letter and He has

    replied by sending us a letter and His photo to thank us and 

    He has greatly appreciated our Project!



    On March 22nd, Thursday 2018 CONTESTS as part of eTwinning projects were presented to teachers who attended an eTwinning workshop at the ICT lab of the 1st Junior High School in Pyrgos. The Monumental Europe Contests of our project  were also introduced to the audience.



    This site was created for the sharing of materials and experiences related to experimental training course " Escape Room in teaching", established ( with the note Ufficio Regionale Regione Sardegna Prot .N.13468 18.09.2017) to enrich the training offer intended for teachers who have joined  the dissemination of The Friendly Schools  of Erasmus + project  "Digital Cosmopolitanism".Click on the picture! 



    On May 12th, a presenation of European projects took place in Patras, Greece.

    Monumental Europe was there. Our Monumental Europe Hymn was the closing song of this event.






    On Saturday June 10th, the 1st Primary School of Pyrgos participated in the presentation of school projects in the prefecture of Ileia, Greece which was organised by the Department of Primary Education in Ileia.

    Image links to the presentations of the project on the internet:






    15th June from 15:00 to 17:00 parents, students and teachers met together to celebrate the end of the school year International projects.

    Grade 6 presented Monumental Europe. Students had the chance to show to the school community all their collaborative work.

    It was funny to see the faces of the audience when they heard our ME hymn sang in six different languages, and even watching our Italian partners dancing the traditional Catalan dance " the stick dance" . Students also presented ME travelling mascot and his diary, full of wonderful adventures and experiences from Europe. They could also show them the monument prototypes,and ME calendar 2018.

    Parents congratulated us for this wonderful work and enhanced us to keep working with European schools as a big team!

    We gave them a certificate as a for their work!




    Today we are in the newspaper"La Nuova Sardegna"

    Our French partner Cécile, created a short video using " Powtoon 2.0 tool" which summarizes the most relevant of our project and it becomes a good source to disseminate our Monumental Europe cultural heritage project everywhere!



    M.E. in PRINT

    Activities of our project are included in the on paper and digital publication of

    scenarios and activities designed by Greek teachers

    with integrated use of technology for

    Primary and Secondary Education, pp12-17,

    ISBN 978-618-82834-2-8, https://www.slideshare.net/secret/A04XJtYA80rs4z


     Monumental Europe in the eTwinning European Conference in Warsaw, Poland, October 25-27th 2018              

    Sophia Kouzouli presented Monumental Europe, at the TeachMeet 2, Session 2, age category 6-12, in the European Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

    Cecile Thomas, as a winner in the French National eTwinning Awards, in the Category: Premiers projets, was there with other eTwinners and ambassadors from France!

    Rute Baptista and many colleagues attended the presentation.

    Dear all, thank you for your kind words!



    EUROPE FOR CULTURE, Viena 6-7 December 2018

    Etwinning Award : Monumental Europe, the winner project in category 6-12

    The prize and the event has been published in several Media around the countries.

    The Spanish national Service, Hispanianostra, FECC, Town Hall, school website, Local newspaper Regió 7, Departament ensenyament Generalitat de Catalunya.

    Here are some of the articles publsihed because of the event:

    And Last but not least, MONUMENTAL EUROPE is also part of the EUROPA NOSTRA at the moment:

    EYCH Closing Conference in Vienna confirms strong mobilisation of all stakeholders

    " Monumental Europe" awards non-stop!

    We are really proud to announce that the projet has been awarded as a First National prize in Spain.

    Thank you Cécile, Sophia, Giovanna and Bozena, you are really great!

    and THANK YOU DEAR STUDENTS, this award is for you,


    Categoría 2 [7-11]:

    Modalidad A

    Se trata de un proyecto eTwinning muy creativo , innovador y motivador que, centrándose en el Año Europeo de Patrimonio Cultural, ha unido a cinco países para trabajar en un propósito común que ha reforzado un sentimiento compartido de identidad europea.

    Destacamos la originalidad y creatividad del tema del proyecto, las metodologías utilizadas y  la gran variedad de actividades llevadas a cabo colaborativamente por los socios. El trabajo, bien organizado por el profesorado con pautas claras y bien explicadas, ha permitido la autonomía del alumnado, que ha sido protagonista del proyecto. De todo ello hay constancia en las páginas del Twinspace, en el diario del proyecto y en el foro dedicado al calendario colaborativo.