• December 1st, 2017 - Christmas Wishes: We meet each other for the first time for Christmas.

    We took advantage of the meeting to tell a typical tradition from our country.

    What a courious thing! Greece and Catalonia make a cake with a surprise inside! in Greece they hide a coin , in Catalonia a broad bean and a small king! those who find the coin or the king will have good luck, those who find the brad bean have to pay the cake :-)


    January 3rd, teachers starting warming up engines again for the second term and also for the tasks to be done soon.

    Here are the agreements we took during the videoconference.

    22nd February , Monumental Europe project is at the summit!

    After a warm welcome coordinators from the project took the following agreements :

    Tasks to be done in March and April

    1. European Hymn MUSIC. We will use the 2.0 webtool called Meeting words and the melody of the known song “ Friends for life” Josep Carreras. We will distribute the song into different pieces, so that each country will write some of the verses in his own language ( explaining a Little bit in English what is the meaning). TOPIC: European Cultura Heritage. Chorus in English. Fina will create the page and open the Meeting words.
    2. Sharing Dances. Music and PE. Each country will present in a video format, one of his typical dances. It needs to be quite simple becasue the rest of the countries will learn and dance the partners’ dances too. Fina will create the page to upload the videos there.
    3. European Monument competition. ART . time to be creative and good designers. Students will design a monument from this question: Imagine that the European Parliament asks you to design a monument, sculpture , a work of art to represent the whole European countries and to be set in central Brussels Square. Each country will upload the 5 finalists on a Padlet, then they will vote them from 1 to 5 . the design with higher score will be the winner. We cannot vote our own designs. Sophia will create the page.
    4. Meanwhile ME the mascot keeps travelling around Europe. He is in Sardinia at the moment