Analyzing the evaluation results

  • Time to analyze our students , parents and teachers opinions in order to take decisiton to improve our future eTwinning projects.

    According to our students from the five countries, Monumental Europe make them had great fun while learning a lot about Europe and the different cultures and countries. They loved all the activities as most of the survey results are from 80- 86%, but they specially liked the dancing traditional dances from the partner countriees ( 87% ) and the experience with ME the traveling mascot ( 86%) where they wrote a diary with all his experiences around Europe.

    They also emphazised the interaction with town citizenship with the "ME Shopping contest activity", it helped them to feel part of the niegbourhod.

    They also like doing creative tasks in which team work or transnational groups need to coopetarte to reach a final result. For example: live envents ( 76%), singing the hym in six different languages ( 73%), making the calendar and participating in the forum to get information from other partners ( 78%) 

    Some of them said that the project was hard but very interesting, and also a good way to learn. They loved all the photos, images used on twinspace to detail all the tasks done during the year.

    Working on European Cultural Heritage allowed us to become wiser and more interested in Europe .

    Parents agreed that Monumental Europe has been a very good initiative to respect other cultures becasue it is a very collaborative project. Active participants who communicate and work together, using and learning  English as a communicative language. It reinforced the sense of responsibility among the participants as they were working in common tasks which needed the interaction of all of them. 

    Teachers agreed that althoguh it represented a hard work, we could manage to integrate the project into the school curricula, involving different areas and it became a great Project Based Learning (PBL) in our schools.

    It is very important when running an eTwinning project with several European countries to have a good plan of the project from the very beginning. This helped us a lot because everyone knew what to do at every moment.

    In the same way it is also absolutely necessary to respect the deadlines, otherwise it is not possible to follow the programe and finish the tasks. We could reach the end of the programe thanks to the high level of responsibility and collaboration of each of the five partners of the project.

    Involving other teachers from the school is also a very positive initiative as it makes the project more interdisciplinary and the school community reinforces their awareness to the international projects.

    Respecting e-safety regulations we all made explicitly clear to both students and their parents, as early as the beginning of the project, that they would engage in events and activities in which photographs, videos, and other recordings would be taken and shared. Hence, we asked for a written consent of the students' parents/guardians before uploading photgraphs or videos. That is why some of the activities in which there are videos of pupils are in private mode or specific measures have been taken to ensure the students' privacy.