• Let's discover about our partners lives: school, timetable, favourite food, school subjects, families, festivals ...

    Each country will prepare a short video asking about their curioisty of another country.

    Here is the chain:

    Catalonia asks about Italy

    Italy asks to Greece

    Greece asks Poland

    Poland asks France

    France asks Catalonia

    Then, we will prepare another video answering our parnters' questions. 

    Finally, all countries will give comments about all the videos on a padlet.

    Deadline: 23-27 October


    Poland asks France - part 1

    Here is our map of POLAND which is our country. Our eTwinning International Language Club have prepared this map. You can learn geography of our country with us.

    Tomorrow we are celebrating The European Day of Languages, and we have a short video about our school and words to learn in Polish, translated from English. Hope, you will like it!


    Greece asks Poland



    Dear all! We have prepared a quiz for you! Here are some general questions and you can choose answers to learn about our country Poland. Dear students from Greece. Thank you for your questions about our school too! You will find your questions and our answers here! 


    Made with Padlet


    Our Catalan partners are very curious about the Italian ones, here is the video with all the questions they would like to Know about their school and their town. Can't wait to see your answers soon!

    Here are the answers that France asked to Catalonia. 


    Dear Catalan friends here are our answers!



     The Sardinian  pupils  are asking questions to their Greek partners!

    Asking questions about  Greece. from Giovanna Piras on Vimeo.

    Dear Italian friends,  the Greek students answer your questions