We cannot finsih our project without having an hymn which enhances the great values of the European Cultural Heritage, but apart from that, what is most value than our won languages? 

    As we also consider languages are part of our lives, our history, our way of being, our character , our HERITAGE, we need to show the whole Europe that creating a song is a good way to join two goals: languages and European Cultural heritage.

    The melody will be from the wonderful song called " Amigos para siempre" from the famous Catalan tenor singer Josep Carreras and the brilliant voice of Sarah Brightman:

    Six languages will be used to create our hymn but hundreds of voices and sounds and souls will deep inside a sweet melody full of wonderful feelings!

    We will use Meetingwords 2.0 webtool, to write togehter the lyrics of the song:


    Here is a Padlet where you can upload your recordings with the voice of each paragraph of each country, so that the others can rehearse how to sing it well.

    Then we can also upload the video of our students singing the song, in order to create a single video with the whole song.


    Made with Padlet


    After a hard work and thanks to the good abilities and excellent cooperation of all our students, each country managed to sing the whole song which has

    SIX different languages!

    Here is the Catalan team

    Here is The Italian Team

    Francesco is the director  of the activity , video included!


    re is The French Team

    Greek Team

    POLISH TEAM - the hymn sung during the School Gala and the Talents' Show


    After all countries tries we have the final version of our song "Monumental Europe" with a mixture of all paticipants part. It is sang by six different languages: Catalan, French, english, Greek, italian and Polish

    What a "Monumental" value has the song as it is the result of a great effort among five different European countries . One more example that languages join feelings  and cultures!