Perfect contracts for the employees

  • Hello eTwinners: Here are the

    Contracts for the employees that work in our train

    You have collected a lot of ideas about the perfect contracts.

    We need people who are flexible, reliable and have good manners. We offer permanent or part-time positions. Our employees get the minimum wage of the country they are from or more.  .  (Compare:

    What about the fringe benefits or perks? We are not talking about the benefits that you get anyway, such as unemployment benefit and medical leave and paid holidays.  For mothers, there is paid leave before and after giving birth and a guarantee that your job will be open to you when you decide to return to work.

    You can also expect a lot of other things.

    For women we provide on-site-childcare and a quite wagon who are breastfeeding.

    Moreover we offer health club membership. Moreover you can get paid leave to attend further training courses to improve your skills and knowledge. There are also possibilities of promotion.

    Furthermore you can get subsidized food vouchers (our menu in the train is delicious, but also wholesome. The processed vegetables and fruits correspond to our seasonal and were grown organically. You can have a look at the menu!

    We offer flexible working hours and discounts on railway tickets.

    Besides you can improve your language skills in language courses on all levels, as we want employees that can talk to any travelers and to enjoy your private trips, as well!

    It is very important that you feel respected !!! So if there is anyone who bothers you or behaves badly (a drunkard or a football hooligan you are allowed to take his passport and he has to apologize personally :))

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    Eveline and Janice (Germany)