Welcome to our project

  • Dear eTwinners,

    Welcome to our project

    Glitter Words

    Get a ticket and join our travel party!

    We teachers - Carla, Marzena, Rositsa, Mercé, Ulrike, Géraldine, Arleta and Raffaella - from completely different schools in Europe have something in common: We like teaching and traveling. And we want to share this wonderful experience with you.

    For an interesting journey we need interesting destinations, monuments, buildings, customs .... Do you know any? Where have you been?

    How can we preserve our cultural heritage? What is important? What is beautiful or meaningful to us?  

    During the next term we will take care of these questions and try to find answers.

    And the best thing is: We want to have fun traveling together and getting to know each other.

    We wish us a nice journey!

    Carla, Marzena, Rositsa, Mercè, Ulrike, Géraldine , Arleta and Raffaella



    Before getting the project started we wrote  plenty of emails. (this is only an extract)