Perfect menu for the train

  • Dear eTwinners!

    You had so many ideas about our menu on the train! Thank you very much! We have collected your ideas and created a delicious menu!

    Firstly, you wrote that you want wholesome food. So we decided to offer vegetables and fruit.

    Secondly, you said that we should prefer seasonal food: So we decided to take pumpkins, potatoes, savoy cabbage and apples. For the juices we intent to take beetroots and carrots.

    Thirdly, you stated that the food should not travel a long distance. "Food miles" have risen dramatically over the past years, are still rising, and have a significant impact on climate change, traffic accidents and pollution. So we have decided to order our vegetables and fruits with local farmers.  Here in Minden (Germany) we would order our food at "Hofladen-Bauernladen (in Hille).

    Fourthly, our menu only contains food that was organically grown.

    Enjoy your winter menu! 


    Dear eTwinners!

    Yesterday we brainstormed some menu ideas - students were gathering them in one google document while another student was preparing the layout... We tried to focus on healthy food, include regional and seasonal dishes but students also insisted on diversity. It was difficult to include everything but here's the final version of the menu from students from Wrocław, Poland (we do hope nobody will be hungry on the board of our train!!!):



    The Bulgarian menu




    Dear eTwinners!

    Everyone knows how important healthy eating is. Meals should provide energy, but above all they should taste great. So we've prepared a few suggestions for you for healthy and delicious dishes. We hope you will like Polish cuisine!


    • fruit salad with seeds
    • sandwiches on lettuce with humus


    • pumpkin soup
    • mushroom and cheese soup

    Main Course:

    • turkey breast with a bouquet of vegetables and buckwheat
    • pasta with zucchini and tomato


    • apple pie with cinnamon
    • cocoa cake with plum jam


    • mango and carrot cocktail
    • orange juice and kale juice

    Enjoy your meal!!! (Ewa from Lukow)