French students are travelling

  • Adrien is travelling from Beaune to Edinburgh 

    A: Good morning. Is the seat vacant? 

    Zuzanna, Polish student from Wrocław : Hi, it's free. Please sit down and enjoy the trip.

    Ibtisam, German student from Minden : Hi, my name is Ibtisam and I come from Germany.

    I have reserved a seat here, as well.

    What are your names?

    Zuzanna, Polish student from Wrocław : My name is Zuzanna and I'm from Poland. 

    A: How old are you? What you interested in?

    Ibtisam, German student from Minden: I´m 18 years old and you? I like to read and listen to music and you?

    Zuzanna: I'm 17 years old. My hobby is dancing. I like reading thrillers and listening to music too :D. What kind of music do you listen?

    Ibtisam: I actually hear everything except heavy metal and folk music. And you:)

    Zuzanna: Oo nice :D, I listen k-pop ^^ but I like other type of music too. Do you have any animal?


    Benjamin is travelling from Beaune to Berlin

    Hello! Can I take a seat, please? 

    Weronika, Polish student from Wrocław: Hello! Of course! We wont't get bored together! 

    Franziska, German student from Minden: Hello, this will be an exciting journey with you.

    My name is Franziska and I'm from Germany. What's your name and where are you from? 

    Weronika, Polish student from Wrocław: Hello, I'm Weronika form Poland. Nice to meet you.

    B:Hello My name's Benjamin I come from Beaune in France.How old are you ?

    Franziska: I am seventeen and how old are you?
    Weronika: I'm also 17 years old :D What is your hobby?

    Franziska: My hobbies are shopping and spending time with my friends and family. I also like travelling. What is your hobby?

    Justine et Quentin are travelling from Beaune to Roma

    Hello, Are these seats free? 

    Patrycja, Polish students from Wrocław: Yes, they are free. Sit down and make yourself comfortable.



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