World Heritage Sites (UNESC0)

  • Which World Heritage Sites would you like to visit? Why are they so interesting to you?


    Didactic comment:

    Our aim was to get acquainted with international UNESCO World Heritage sites and to broaden our cultural understanding.  Apart from being a source of national pride, World Heritage sites belong to all peoples regardless of their nationality or origin. Besides, they show the earth's cultural diversity and richness. Getting to know UNESCO World Heritage sites also causes respect and tolerance towards other nations. Thus information literacy and social competence were focussed on during this project phase.

    Our pupils

    • studied an informative text on UNESCO World Heritage sites (see "World Heritage Information kit")
    • showed their new knowledge in a quiz
    • informed themselves about various World Heritage sites and chose a national one
    • collected information about this national World Heritage site
    • wrote texts about their site and chose pictures of it
    • wrote to a designer and a caricaturist to allow to publish their drawings
    • chose pictures  that belong to the domain of creative commons.  
    • created a quiz about World Heritage sites
    • checked their knowledge by playing various quiz