• Hi eTwinners! Our train is missing a locomotive! 
    Don't you feel like creating one? 
    (We wanted to show that the locomotive is all the time the same, but changing flags 
    suggest that a different country/school can take the lead and give our train 
    a slightly different direction!)

    via GIPHY



    We made some locomotives and we voted for our favourite one: Here it is: It has been made by Ons and Iman




    The Italian proposal (Modena)!


    Hello! We've got some propositions of locomotives. They're different, but all of them have something in common. They are European locomotives. :)

    It is one made by Patrycja Radomyska.(Lukow Poland)

    The second one is made by Jakub Nowek.(Poland Lukow)



    The last one is the Christmas locomotive with wishes for all of you. It was prepared by Wiktoria Opalińska. (Poland Lukow)




    Here is our first locomotive! We created this picture with "Paint". Laura, Ibtisam and Emily (Germany).


    Here is the locomotive from Bulgaria. Alexandra :) 

    Didactic comment:

    This activity is a very creative and imaginative one. To reach all kind of pupils we opened room to be creative and to design a locomotive for our train. It is significant that all creations show a sense of collectivity and unity. Our pupils got to know the programme Google Forms with which they used to vote for the best that we took as a logo.

    Our pupils

    • looked for licence free drawings of locomotives on the internet
    • painted them (Paint)
    • re-designed them with photos, colours, national flags (Photoshop)
    • voted for the best one
    • accepted this result

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