The perfect journey - our plan!

  • Considering the ideas we have collected on the previous pages, we wish to sum up these comments and explain our idea of  the "perfect journey by train". There are a lot of things to consider before we can plan such a " journey" by train.


    Didactic comment:

    Stimulated by ideas we had collected in the preceding activity and by reading the texts in our English lessons we summed up what we considered essential for our perfect journey. "Perfect" means both "enjoyable and comfortable"  and "sustainable", e. g. a journey that protects and preserves our environment and procures an adequate standard of living for its employees.

    The pupils wrote texts about sustainability in harmony to what they had learned at school (see English syllabus).

    Our pupils

    • intensified their research for sustainable aspects of their journey
    • wrote texts about important sustainable aspects
    • created sustainable menus offered in a train
    • chose music for the journey
    • made a film about our project