Our teachers


    We look forward to working with you ! :)


    Hello, my name is Ulrike Kahl. I teach English and Spanish at Freiherr-vom-Stein-Berufskolleg. I have traveled across Europe and Latin America especially when I was a student. Getting to know people from all over Europe is so interesting to me.

    I hope you'll enjoy our journey!


    Hello, my name is Rositsa Shopska. I am an English teacher at the French language school in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I love travelling and I have been to some European countries but there are still many I would like to visit. As people say "Travelling broadens your mind".

    Let's have an unforgettable journey together!



    Hi everyone!  

    I am Raffaella. I teach English in a vocational school located in Cervia and specializing in catering and tourism. I love teaching and travelling across the world. To me, meeting people from different countries has always been a great oppurtunity to learn and grow. 

    I can't wait for this new adventure!