Christmas cards and other greetings

  • The passengers of the European train wish everybody a "Merry Christmas"

    Created by Victoria Opalinska (from Poland)














    Didactic comment

    One locomotive that a Polish pupil created was a "Christmas locomotive". We were so moved that we decided to pick up this idea and write Christmas cards. Here social competence was required. Those whose timetable did not allow to write Christmas cards that would arrive in time, opted for sending their personal greetings later – in form of a postcard. Rositsa had organized who should write to whom. 

    Our pupils

    • created Christmas cards using photos, the programmes they had learned during the project
    • wrote Christmas cards to all national groups
    • wrote personal Christmas cards to individual eTwinners
    • wrote personal postcards in January

    Rositsa's list:                                     Emails we wrote