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    Freiherr-vom-Stein-                     Berufskolleg Minden                       

    Our school is a College of Further Education.  It prepares students for a job in commerce or industry and also entitles them to attend a course in higher education.

    Pupils can achieve all kind of qualifications (for example German Class 10 School Leaving Certificates or German university entrance qualifications). They can also do the theoretical part of their training as for example bank management assistant. So we do not only have  general subjects such as German, English and Mathematics, but also Business Studies and Accountancy.

    There are about 2300students and about 110 teachers.

    Lycee de langue francaise

    Antoine de Saint-Exupery            

    Our school is a language high school. We study general subjects but the focus is on languages. During the first year at school we have 20 foreign language lessons per week. There are five classes studying French and three classes studying English there as their first foreign language. There is also a class studying Chinese. We study from the 8th to the 12th grade. We start studying a second foreigh language in 9th grade.

    There are about 1500 students. They are from 14 to 19 years old.  

    IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Jana Pawła II


    Our school is a high school, where students gain general education to prepare for future studies. We have five kinds of classes: a polytechnic class, two medical classes, a humanities class and a tourist class. Our students attend to school for three years and in a final year they take a matriculation exam. They can choose an exam subject. Polish, Maths and Foreign Language are compulsory. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Civic Studies, Geography and Information Technology are optional.

    EREA Alain-Fournier, Beaune, France



    Our school is the EREA Alain-Fournier. Alain-Fournier was a French writer. Our school is located 99 rue des blanches Fleurs in Beaune, France. We are 140 students in our school. It's a vocational high school for Special Needs Students.  There are 2 professional tracks in our school: one for building and one for agriculture. We train to be painters, bricklayers and tilers in the building courses and horticulture, winery and landscapers in the agriculture course. 





    Our school is a secondary school of economics. There are about 480 students and 60 teachers. The school is located in Wrocław, the city which was the European Capital of Culture in 2016 and the city which is famous for its over 100 bridges and over 350 dwarfs!!! Our students are 16-20 years old. They study general subjects but also economics, law, accountancy and other subjects depending on the specialization e.g. we have students who specialise in European funds, in project management, in advertising and we also have class with “entrepreneur in the UE” specialization.







    Our school is a catering and hotel school speciazling in Cookery, Restaurant Service and Hotel reception and tourism.

    There are four main branches: Cooking, Pastry, Restaurant service & bar tender, and Toruism & hospitality. Students are aged 14 to 19 and share their time at school studying difefrent subjects, core subjects, such as Italian language and literature, Maths, English and a second foreign language (French or German) and professional subjects. These include Cookery, Pastry, Restaurant service and bar tender and Tourist hospitality which are chosen by the students according to their attitutdes and skills. Students spend 8 hours a week practicing their professional skills in the lab.

    Our school is located in Cervia a lovely seaside resort on the north-east coast of the Adriatic sea and hosts around 700 students coming from the nearby areas. The school is also memeber of AEHT (European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools) with the aim at promoting a European outlook among Hotel and Tourism schools.