The Polish class was a lot of fun, our teachers, Marta and Martha were really nice. The first day we learned the basic things like hello (Cześć), I am (Jestem); where are you from (Skąd jesteś, jestem z ...) and how old we are (Ile masz lat? ´Mam ... lat). The second day we learned how to buy things in the shop like beer (Piwo) or ´Prince Polo´ and we also learned the numbers (jeden,dwa). We also tried some Polish food which was a lot of fun. On thursday we learned some Polish tongue twisters, it was really really hard but also very funny. Then we also learned another tongue twister from each language (Spanish, Dutch, German). On the last day we learned how to explain the way to some buildings, like the church (Kościół). It was really great and we learned a lot.