The Museum

  • On Wednesday morning we all left to Bonn to start our days, one of the groups that went were the members of the art workshop and two members of the documentary workshop. When we arrived we had a short break until our tour started, at the gallery cafe. During our time at the gallery, we had a tour guide that walked us around the different types of art pieces, while explaining the history and the process of creating the piece.

    After the gallery we went to the city centre by underground where wehad 1 hour and 40 minutes to have lunch and explore the centre of Bonn.

    Then the whole group came together again and we all went to the Haus der Geschichte where we were met by a tour guide who took us around Bonn and explained what the history and politics of former west Germany. When we finished our tour we had a short break, and after walked back to the bus to go home.