Rota 2018 Schijndel NL + Rota 2017 Hattingen, DE

The Rota project links five state secondary schools from five countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and Germany. Teachers and pupils will work together on the theme "Less is more: Towards the smart city Eutopolis 2020" (EUTOPOLIS is a play on the words EU and utopia, but can also be read as "you-to-polis", th...

Disco at the 'Dance Inn'

On Tuesday evening, we had a disco from eight to half past eleven. We had non-alcoholic drinks, danced along to songs from different nationalities and even took a dance lesson from our salsa teacher. We listened to a wide variety of songs including 'Shape of you', 'Tomatenplukkers' and 'Danza Kuduro' and danced to 'Vogeltjesdans', 'La Macarena ' and 'Cha-cha slide'. It was a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and learn about their musical tastes and dances.

Author: Sarah Cottriau
Last editor: Christian Quere