• DUTCH:

    In Dutch class, we are all spanish or german. We learnt the basic stuff: greetings, numbers, verbs and weekdays. We also learned to sing typical dutch songs such as: 'Hoofd, Schouders, Knie en Teen' and 'Hoedje van papier', alongside learning to say important phrases such as 'Waar is de WC?' ('Where is the toilet?') and 'Ik ben allergish voor noten' ('I am allergic to nuts'). The clases were a lot of fun and very interactive. We started each lesson with a round of questions in order to revise what we had seen previously. Later on, the teachers taught us the different phrases and translated them into English so we would understand. We then divided into groups to practice having conversations with one another and our pronunciation. It was very useful as it allowed us to speak to other exchange students in their mother tongue, for them to laugh at our pronunciation and teach us new (sometimes impolite) words.