The Spanish class was a lot of fun and both of the teachers were pretty cool. On the first day, we learned basic expressions like: Hola, me llamo...; Cómo estás? and De dónde eres? In English, that would be Hello, my name is...; How are you? and Where are you from?

    On the second day, we learned the numbers from 1-99, the months and the four seasons in Spanish. Then we played Bingo (Of course in Spanish!), but nobody won.

    On the third day, we learned "words of love", for example I love you; Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend and Do you want to go out with me?

    On the last day, we learned some Spanish sayings and how to conjugate verbs in Spanish. In the end, we played memory with basic Spanish verbs like jugar, dormir and andar (to play, to sleep, to walk).