Rota 2018 Schijndel NL + Rota 2017 Hattingen, DE

The Rota project links five state secondary schools from five countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and Germany. Teachers and pupils will work together on the theme "Less is more: Towards the smart city Eutopolis 2020" (EUTOPOLIS is a play on the words EU and utopia, but can also be read as "you-to-polis", th...

Documentation Workshop

Within the documentation workshop there is Laura, Dian, Sarah, Eva, Greta, Jarno, Josie, Henar, Gabrielle and Alissa.

As the name indicates, the documentation workshop documents everything. We walk around, visit the other workshops, take pictures and videos and interview the participants. Out of all that material, we make a video that shows the progress of the workshops throughout the week and the highlights of the ROTA week, such as the Salsa lesson and our field trip to Bonn.

This ist the movie we made for the closing ceremony:





Author: Henar Mayor
Last editor: Christian Quere