Rota 2018 Schijndel NL + Rota 2017 Hattingen, DE

The Rota project links five state secondary schools from five countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and Germany. Teachers and pupils will work together on the theme "Less is more: Towards the smart city Eutopolis 2020" (EUTOPOLIS is a play on the words EU and utopia, but can also be read as "you-to-polis", th...

Field trip to Bonn on Wednesday

On Wednesday, we went on a field trip to Bonn. We were seperated into 4 groups before, one of them the Art workshop. They were the only ones who went to the Art musem in Bonn. The other ones got a tour through a small part of Bonn and learnt something about Bonn's history. Besides, we visited the UN and listened to a lecture about the UN in the UN building "Langer Eugen". In between, we had a break in which we were able to have lunch and walk around in the city. In the afternoon, we met again and headed home.

The great view from the top floor of the "Langer Eugen".


We learned a bit about the history of Bonn, especially about Konrad Adenauer and his importance in the past.



It was a long day, but filled with a lot of fun.

Author: Christian Quere
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