Chemistry Workshop

  • Within the Chemistry workshop there is Jankse, Kelly, Thomas, Adrián, Irene,

    Nesim, Jonathan, Amrit, Anna, Frédéric and Silke.


    When we visited the Chemistry Workshop "Small-Smaller-Nano" we saw that they just finished an experiment using the microscope. They found out that water, which normally splashes on the ground doesn't do that on a leaf. On the leaf, the water just stays like one drop. Why? Well, its something on the leafs so small, we cant even see. Its something Nano. And they tried to see that using the microscope.

    In another experiment, the workshop wanted to mix magnetic particles into water to make magnetic water. At first, it didn't work how they wanted it to, so they had to try to do it in a different way. They dissolved the greatest musicial hits of the 1980's in terrofluid in order to get the iron that was left in the propyl alcohol. Like that, they were able to make the magnetic water, meaning water with particles in it that are attracted to magnets.

    On the last day, they created a nano carbon molecule using black ballons. While they were working, they listened to music from the 80s and they all had a lot of fun.