Drama Workshop

  • The students in the drama workshop are Oliver, Rhianne,

    Wannes, Ada, Clara, Jil, Beatriz, Andrea, Cindy and Rosalie.

    The Black Light Theatre is a theatrical performance style charactized by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light illusion. The distinctive characteristics of "black theatre" are the use of black curtains, a darkened stage, and "black lighting" (UV light), paired with fluorescent costumes in order to create intricate visual illusions. The effect of Black Light Theatre allows invisible performers to move visible props, turning the objects into independent participants in the theatre at the same level as the human actors.

     They are creating a piece of drama that they will perform at the closing ceremony.

    On the first two days the drama workshop were creating the paintings for the stage.

    They wrote their own script based on a poem and practiced it for the rest of the week. They tell the story of Mr Kremer who wants to get rid of a mole.