Irlanda / Ireland

  • For this Irish mobility it had been decided that the theme would be that of Axis C and thus our presentation and workshops would be based on:

    Mixtures, Solutions and changes of state during cooking 

    In line with this our students decided to look at a common dessert ingredient:


    Presentation; To begin driving questions were generated in each country, then Croatia and Ireland decided on the main question to investigate.  The students then began to communicate via the Forum but then found it easier to communicate via whatsapp. Teacher and student instruction sheets were generated and uploaded to the stem international teams 07 and 08 pages.  From these the students developed presentations. (see pictures in Materials tab - Ireland)

    Workshops: This was developed by the students in a class. We decided to link this to the Irish flag using solutions, mixtures and their properties.  The workshop was for the students to create an Irish flag using jelly, ice-cream,cream and food colouring. A kahoot quiz was used to monitor if everyone had learned something. (see pictures in Materials tab - Ireland)