Science 4 all

The Erasmus+ “Science 4 all” project is focused on an exchange of good practice in teaching and learning science and mathematics subjects as well as their coincidence with labour market and entrepreneurship. The European Commission is not responsible for any uploaded or submitted content. Such content expresses the views of its author(s) only.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Surveys on partners’ accomplishment, cooperation, involvement and implementation in the partner schools based on surveys and results of the meeting after transnational learning/training/teaching activities.


C1. Portugal

C2. Poland

C3. Estonia



C4; France


C5. Portugal

     Teachers                Students



Evaluation in our project refers both to the quality of the project (whether the outcomes meet the needs of the target groups) and its results (whether the project objectives have been achieved). The evaluation process will consist of following phases:

A1. Preparatory phase, 09.2016. Writing a detailed plan of evaluation, choosing methods and tools (surveys and questionnaires, analyses of documents, interviews, observations and keeping records and notes);

A4. Initial evaluation, 10.2016;

A5. Mid-term evaluation, 07.2017;

A6. Final evaluation, 07.2018.


Mid-term evaluation

=The on-going evaluation after 1st year in the Erasmus+ project "Science 4 all" within areas: participants’ degree of satisfaction & performance of the partnership.

Author: Urszula Utnicka
Last editor: Maria Conceição Hortas Barrento Costa Campos