Science 4 all

The Erasmus+ “Science 4 all” project is focused on an exchange of good practice in teaching and learning science and mathematics subjects as well as their coincidence with labour market and entrepreneurship. The European Commission is not responsible for any uploaded or submitted content. Such content expresses the views of its author(s) only.

POLAND meeting 03.2017


1. Introducing groups of pupils.

2. Presenting good practice in teaching CLIL and entrepreneurship.

3. Launching work on project results “Mini-dictionary (R7) and “Weather station” (R9).

4. Discovering heritage and culture of Poland.


First learning, teaching or training activity with pupils will be dedicated to strengthen the partnership and objectives achievement. The important aspect is enhancing social, intercultural and language skills. Teachers both from Poland and the partner countries will lead lessons with mixed international groups. The main topics during meeting will be CLIL teaching and entrepreneurship, as well as cross-curricular learning science, with IBSE method.


Author: Urszula Utnicka
Last editor: Urszula Utnicka