Science 4 all

The Erasmus+ “Science 4 all” project is focused on an exchange of good practice in teaching and learning science and mathematics subjects as well as their coincidence with labour market and entrepreneurship.

Events organised by educational or science institutions

France - 19-01-2017

A day in the "Institut des Monde Arabe"

On Thursday, January 19th at 8 a.m, the 4e1 and 4e4 left Versailles to go to the "Institut du Monde Arabe" in Paris with Mr BOUTEILLER, Mrs TROFIMOFF, Mrs BOUREAU et Mrs DA ROCHA . Once arrived, the classes were separated in groups and began 2 activities: visit of the museum and workshop on "zellige". The zellige is the art of the mosaic . In groups of 7,  pupils received a wooden frame filled with sand as well as some colored pieces of ceramic accompanied by a model. Then, pupils  reconstructed meticulously  the model from the centre to the edge. Afterwards, we visited the museum. A speaker gave many details about a lot of scientific subjects.

It was an interesting visit and we learnt much about it.

Inès M. 4e1






On the same we viisted also the Palais de la découverte where we had a conference on on probability and chance and an another on symetry and discovered pavements o=in Alhambra. Fantastic !!




ESTONIA - 01.12.2016

The Estonian team has visited waste treatment facilities in Narva. The students have found out where water from houses goes to and what happens after it has been processed.




ESTONIA - 25.11.2016

The second group of the Estonian team had a chance to visit the Fortaco factory.


ESTONIA - 20.10.2016

21 students and 2 teachers had been invited to visit a Fortaco factory in Narva. The factory operates in the heavy equipment market. A guide had shown the project participants various machine tools located in a huge area of the building. The students found out that the factory had had lots of experience in producing different operator cabins, machining services and welded steel components. Some of the students had been really impressed with this place.

FRANCE 17.10.2016

During the Science festival organised by the Ministry of Education, Mrs trofimoff, Maths teacher, animates a pedagogical class with her students about coding with Scratch. Students enjoyed it a lot even if they realised it was not so easy as they imagined at the begining. Another hour will be necessary to finish the exercise.

PORTUGAL 17.10. 2016

Classes 8A and 8C went on a field trip to Serra de Sintra (Sintra mountain) to have a science class outdoors, to learn about what being a biologist means and to find geometrical shapes in the buildings along the way. The four teachers of the Portuguese team accompanied the students as well as the biologist, Luís Castro. Students learnt about some indigenous species and natural aspects of the Sintra mountain. Some curiosities had to do with a colony of bats that was moved from Monserrate Palace to Quinta da Regaleira; a 200-year-old tree and Bonelli's eagle nests that are being protected at all costs. 


POLAND 30.09/1.10.2016

Twenty Polish pupils and teachers of Geography and Biology took part in the "Night of scientists" in Krakow. It is a huge event organised my Malopolskie Voievodship and many scientific institutions for example universities. Our group participated in workshops in Geological Museum about volcanos and rocks, then a show about dinosaurs in the "Kijów" cinema.

Author: Urszula Utnicka
Last editor: BOUREAU Blandine