Science 4 all

The Erasmus+ “Science 4 all” project is focused on an exchange of good practice in teaching and learning science and mathematics subjects as well as their coincidence with labour market and entrepreneurship.


December, 2016 

1. The list of all the videos of the students who had taken part in a contest "24 hours of my life in 24 minutes" was published on the school web-page:    - Maria                               - Anna    - Timofei    - Stas, Daniil,  Ilja    - Deniss    - Erik    - Marta,7e                                  - Nikita    - Rihard    - Georgi, 7a    - Ilona                            - Marta, 7a      - Polina    - Ilja     - Aljona, Eleonora    - Allan   - Georg   - Mark, Vlad, Daniil         - Margus, Vladimir, Sergei          - Ksenia       - Anna, Viktoria    - Maria, Sasha         - Lisa L     - Alina R, Anna H        - Jaroslav     - Karin                                    - Erika M.                                                  - Anastassia B.                                  - Anastassia



2. An article concerning the Portuguese meeting (C1, November, 2016) has appeared both in a Narva educational digital source ( and a town's newspaper. The newspaper is subsidised by the municipality of Narva, it's free for the residents and is delivered to every family in the town.



3. 16 students-mobilities have been selected by the Estonian team. During parents' meeting on the 8th of December, 16 parents have signed a special (concerning the mobilities) agreement.


November, 2016 

1. A photo of the members of our team has been taken by our student. Several copies of the photos are located in different places of our school.
2. Each project activity is described in details and the information is given on the school webpage Moreover, a special section ( ) dedicated to the project has been created on the school website which is always accessible to anyone.
3. There is a big board with the project information on the wall next to the entrance/exit of the school. Besides, every member of the Estonian team has posters on the walls of their classrooms. 
October, 2016 

1. All the parents had signed the agreement.

2. All the students, the teachers, administrative staff and the parents had answered initial evaluation questionnaires.

3. The coordinator of the team had created a poster of the project and the aims and shared it with the other project members. The posters had been hung on each participant's classroom wall and in a school hall.  



















September, 2016

1. In the beginning of September, a staff meeting took place in Narva Kesklinna Gümnaasium. 70 teachers found out about the project within the school and 4 members of the project + the coordinator had been introduced. 

2. A meeting with 44 students of Narva Kesklinna Gümnaasium had been organised by the members of the team. The coordinator explained project's aims and the work process to the students. They all were really excited and grateful to have been chosen as members of the students' group.

3. The parents of 44 students had been given a description of the project and an agreement to sign. 

Author: Urszula Utnicka
Last editor: Deniss Tšertov