6. Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and economy”

  • Workshops for pupils introducing possible educational and career paths, also within the European Union (Europass CVs, business plans of international companies created by pupils, EU programmes). It will be preceded by research in partner countries and writing Individual Development Plans (IDPs).

    Individual Development Plan (IDP)

    Europass CV online editor https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/editors/en/cv/compose

    There were 4 local workshops in every partner school, then the final one during short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Poland.


    6.03.2017 - Polish students had worhsops, then they wrote an Individual Development Plan.


    (01.03.2017) - The Estonian coordinator is introducing an Individual Development Plan to a team of students who would take part in the mobility in Poland.



    PORTUGAL, March 2017

    The group of students who took part in the mobility in Poland had a workshop and then they filled in their Individual Development Plan.



    FRANCE February 2017

    With the help of their geography teacher, the Erasmus group (31 pupils)  worked on an individual development plan. It was  a really good time to think about their future and  interesting discussions have been raised among the assembly.

    Below are two examples of the work done by pupils