Pupils discover the partners by Mystery Skype, personal profile, logo, mascot and title for this project. Then we start to explore food within Culture, Maths and Sciences. How do we celebrate and what food do we use to do this? Let's make a cook-book and vote for an European menu. What kind of Maths do we need to cook? Let's discover the ...


Dear partners, I want to announce that our awesome project's #1 presentation was pretty successful!


Dear partners, as you already know, I was invited by the Serbian eTwinning NSS to hold one of the webinars about the Quality Labels during the training course that was dedicated to the Serbian memebers of the eTwinning network. 
As an example of the good practice and great colaboration between the partners, I decided to present our project. Participants liked it very much.

I'm posting my presentation and  LINK to the recorded webinar.

Author: Anica Tričković
Last editor: Anica Tričković