Food from all over the world

  • Please add a mark to the place where the food has been produced.

    Draw a line between that place and yours, where the food is on the table. Calculate the distance between those places.

    You can add more information and a picture on this page or on the map.




    On my table there is a tea package, that says "food produced in Ozdemir, Turkey"! The tea travelled over 2400km.


    Nicolò's cocoa powder. It's come from Democratic Republic of Congo! It's a ethical purchasing and it travelled over 5430 Km.


    School 5, Monastyryshche, Ukraine

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    My name is Filip Titlbach, In my favourite shop, I found Milka chocolate stars. Milka was founded in Germany Swiss Philippe Suchard. Milka chocolate stars moved 1 083 km from German Lörrach to Czech Ostrava.


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    During a Christmas shopping walk through Durham city, we came upon a winter market selling some really interesting foods,   Curry, Baklava , Olives, Kebabs and burgers. Nothing unusual here, we live in a country which is multicultural, variations of curry, pizza, paella, pizza and burgers are now recorded as typical daily English food.


    NO NO NO I hear you say, these are  Indian, Italian, Spanish or German dishes. Well once upon a time, there were no tomatoes in Europe, does that mean that any tomato based dish is American?   When you visit your favourite burger bar, are you going for a german meal,   Rice and Pasta were introduced to Europe in the middle ages…so can risotto or spaghetti really be described as Chinese?


    • The curry stall on the durham street is selling English food.
    • So lets make a prawn curry, the ingredients are;    
    • Ginger                    Jamaica
    • Mustard seed         United Kingdom
    • Prawns                   Thailand
    • Chilli                      Netherlands
    • Coconut milk         Samoa
    • Fenugreek              India
    • Curry Leaves         Bangladesh
    • Turmeric                India
    • Tamarind               Sri Lanka


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