Socrative Maths Challenge

  • It's time for a real Maths challenge!


    Socrative is an online tool. We 've made Maths questions related to food. Now it's up to you to answer these questions. Every pupil will automatically be part of a group named after a colour, think wisely about the questions and your answers because you can only win as a group.

    (First quiz is easier, and the second is for older students)

    Follow the links: 


    1st Quiz  the "Room Name" is "FOOD2EXPLORE". 

    2nd Quiz  the "Room Name" is "FOOD2EXPLORE2"

    Good luck!



    Check the questions








    Class 8. B played Socrates on 15 May and we scored 9/10 in the first game and 8/8 in the second game. We enjoyed these quizzes very much but we forgot to take photos.






    We have finished 1st quiz in Socrative maths challenge and we really liked it!

    We had 4 teams (Apples, Oranges, Bananas and Pears) and all of them did a great job! It was easy and fun :)