Pupils discover the partners by Mystery Skype, personal profile, logo, mascot and title for this project. Then we start to explore food within Culture, Maths and Sciences. How do we celebrate and what food do we use to do this? Let's make a cook-book and vote for an European menu. What kind of Maths do we need to cook? Let's discover the ...

Project Journal

  • One more from Ukraine.


    - Posted by Olena Kononenko, 15.08.2017

  • Thanks, dear partners, for collaborative work!

    etw_qualitylabel_99944_en food-page-001.jpg

    - Posted by Tetyana Yarmysh, 15.08.2017

  • "The project is well planned. It fosters creativity and cooperation. Excellent usе of ICT."

    Thanks, Nataša!!!!


    - Posted by Anica Tričković, 12.08.2017

  • "Creative activities. Excellent collaboration between partners. Numerous high-quality results."


    - Posted by Jelena Kenić, 09.08.2017

  • Thank you all for making this project AWESOME!!!! <3

    "Excellent communication and collaboration between teams. Excellent use of ICT. Creative and innovative activities." :)))))


    - Posted by Anica Tričković, 07.08.2017