Mystery Skype


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     Discover your new friends by Skype!

    Where do they live?

    All you need, is an anonymous Skype connection, about 20 yes/no questions, a map and a good thinking!







    Pupils are very excited for the first Mystery Skype. In the beginning a little shy in front of the camera, at the end we share our snapchat names.

    Danish pupils were the first to guess our country, we did with there city!






    Žitorađa - Monastyryshche



    Click on the next picture to see the Slideshow










    Skjærhalden - Smila






    Žitoradja - Sint-Niklaas






    Smila - Finale Ligure






    Our Surprize-Georgian Folk dance For Danish partners!





    Istanbul - Čačak





    Ostrava - Belgrade






    Kutaisi - Žitoradja







    Wednesday 15-th february