Our chefs



    Name: Steven De Foer

    Picture: A selfie with my house in the background. (not my favourite picture). Actually, we rebuilded the back of the house, so it's different now. 

    Country: Belgium

    Personal information: I live in Sint-Niklaas, with my wife and three kids 16 (girl) 13 (girl) and 11 (boy).  I teach Maths to 14/15y pupils, I'm responsible for an Erasmus+ exchange with 16/17y pupils. I started with eTwinning 5 years ago, with a small project, now I  like projects that last one year. In my free-time I play indoor football and I'm a big fan of a Belgian football team.

    What do you like about eTwinning? For me eTwinning is a window to the rest of the world (Europe). I like to add real life situations to my curriculum. For my students, I hope, they meet new friends and learn from each other, cultural, habits, ... and discover a lot of similarities!

    How would you like to communicate? regular mail (steven.defoer@berkenboomhum.be), Whatsapp or  FB (stevenbbhum) 

    (according to your answers we'll choose the best one)

    Favourite dish? Chips with a Belgian Stew, with a Belgian beer.



    Name: Anica Tričković

    Picture: From the Science club in my town.

    Country: Serbia

    Personal information: I'm a Maths teacher. I live in Niš, and work in the small village school about 30km away. I teach 11-14 years old students.

    I have 12 years old boy. Like long walks, reading books, listenning to a good music (love jazz) and in my free time to hang out with my family and with the positive and smiling people.

    What do you like about eTwinning? I am in eTwinning for year and a half, and already know that I'm totaly in love with the Project Based Learning :) My students love to work on the projects too. I am very passionate about new technologies in education and love to try new tools and apps and see how I can use them in the projects and my work in general.

    eTwenning for me is synonyme for friendship, because here I met some partners who turn out to be my friends for life (I hope)... So, the most important thing for me is to work with a friends, and then....sky is the limit....

    How would you like to communicate?  FB, Twitter, mail (anaisrdjan@gmail.com)

    Favourite dish? Burek, ajvar and sarma.... You will see soon what are they ;) Also, red wine (we call it - black) and chocolate....



    Name: Federica Biglino



    Country: Italy

    Personal information: I'm a math and science teacher in a middle school. My pupils are 11, 12 and 13. I live in Savona a nice and little town on the west coast of Italy (Riviera Ligure) and I work in Finale Ligure. It's located about 20 km west to Savona. I moved this year in that school so I don't know my pupils, yet :-). In my freetime I'm an "actress" in a no professional company NDS. We performe musicals and shows for children and families, in the town. I love also sport, especially swimmimg. One another hobby that I practice, when i find time, is sewing. I love sewing dresses, bag ect ...

    What do you like about eTwinning? I'm in etwinning since 2013, I was envolved in different projects but only this year I've made my first project. I'd like etwinning because my pupils can learn using techmologies, speaking english and taste what means being european. I love technologies and I'm always interested in new web tools and good practices.

    Moreover in etwinning I meet other teachers from all the european contries that I never can meet without etwinning. It is a great tools!

    How would you like to communicate? FB,Twitter,  mail (federica.biglino@gmail.com)

    Favourite dish? Of course PIZZA! Margherita and with 4 cheese. What cheese? You will know. For drink beer ;-)



    Name: Tetyana Yarmysh



    Country: Ukraine

    Personal information: I am teaching English 13-16 year old students at Natural Sciences and Mathematics Lyceum in the town of Smila located in the central part of the country.I have two daughters and a granddaughter. Apart from teaching I am the coordinator of European Issues Club which aims at learning more about European Union and organising various events and activities to promote European values.Actually I am a project fan. I am into travelling,enjoying nature and learning new cultures, besides I adore swimming and growing flowers.

    What do you like about eTwinning? I have been three years in eTwinning and feel quite enthusiastic about this program. It is a unique opportunity to meet people and learn from teachers getting more and more experience in international collaboration. I have high expectation from this project as it is related to Sciences and Maths  which is completely new for me. Also, I like to use technologies for teaching and eTwinning provides excellent opportunities.

    How would you like to communicate? I am available on FB. My email:yarmysh@yahoo.com

    Favourite dish? Pumpkin soup.



    Name: Nino Chkhetia

    Picture: This photo was taken on my first tutor class Prom this year. 

    Country: Georgia

    Personal information: Hi! Currently,I am a teacher at public school. I teach Georgian language and literature and Civics. I teach students 11-18 age.I am very active and motivated, I consider myself a lifelong learner. I am an Ambassador of eTwinning and administrator of eTwinningPlus Georgia group and page on Facebook. This is where I share the news related to the portal. 

    As for my personal competences, I speak fluent English and Russian and have a high knowledge of computer office programmes. I am responsible, energetic, positive, tolerant, creative, motivated and open for new ideas. I like communicating with people. I have a good experience of working with teaching groups and I am a valuable team member.

    During my free time I enjoy playing chess, reading, cycling and swimming, listening music and watch movies as well.
    Nelson Mandela's opinion about education is my favourite: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." This is my moto.

    What do you like about eTwinning? I use Europian educational network eTwinning to develope my experience. In my point of view, learning using projects is the most effective way to motivate students, in addition, they are able to communicate and form connections with fellow European students as well. You are always on the go with eTwinning, you will not be able to stay in one place, which is the thing I like most about it. eTwinning became part of my lessons and has changed my way of teaching, I can’t see myself without doing eTwinning projects. I remember reading what my European colleague wrote on the eTwinning Europe page: eTwinning opens eyes, minds and even doors. It brings sunshine into school. In addition, I completely agree with this statement. Although I would just add one thing: it opens hearts too. 16 years ago, a famous Georgian politician said on the European Union meeting: “I am Georgian and therefore I am European.” Now that I have been working with eTwinning I can also say that I am Georgian and therefore I am eTwinner.

    How would you like to communicate? I use Facebook (Nino Chkhetia) Twitter (@ninochkhetia)and email:(ncnchkhetia@gmail.com) I suggest to creat FB group for this project as well.

    Favourite dish? Georgian traditional meals: Khachapuri and Khinkali.



    Name:Lavinia Gim




    Personal information: I teach chemistry and ICT at Liceul Teoretic ION LUCA  from Vatra Dornei , Suceava district , Bucovina Country from România .Chemistry is my favourite science but I also like computer science and I have to say that i love to ... learn new things . I am a forever student :)  I like to teach . I have a son ( he is 30 ) I like to have long walks with my friends - or with my dogs on the mountain . I love sunny days on the mountain .  And I must say I like to cook if I have time enough - wich ... I have not ! 

    What do you like about eTwinning? Well I like the way eTwinning is connecting students and teachers in different countries. I must say that I consider that it has that gift to bring out the best in them : makes them share ideas and problems , tools and  resources, experiences , find new solutions for old or for new problems ,empathizes with their new friends . Their trust in their strengths, in themselves grows while working together .

    How would you like to communicate? the Facebook page is realy great ( Lavinia Gim ) . I also use twitter ( @migainival ) . My email adress is lavinia.gim@gmail.com

    Favourite dish? French potatoes ( :) ) , icecream ( is it a dish ??!! ) , salads and we have romanian  MICI and also  SARMALE .



    Name: Jelena Kenić


    This picture was made in Greece and I chose it because I thought that it would fit perfectly to the title of our project. :-)

    Country: Serbia

    Personal information: I am a math teacher from Čačak, a city in the west-central Serbia. My students are 11-14 years old. I like to explore new things and give a headache to myself because I rarely read the instructions for use. I prefer working in teams than a solo work. I'm also one of the eTwinning ambassadors for Serbia. I'm a big fan of the modern technology and all of the possibilities that it gives, and I'm especially grateful for the all friendships that I made thanks to it. I write in my free time, mostly in a form of 3 lines.

    What do you like about eTwinning? As a teenager, I was interested in maths, languages and technology and my dream was to become a writer. I don't know why I choose maths, but I do know why I love eTwinning - it gives me all that I love at once - maths, foreign languages and ICT. 

    How would you like to communicate? Facebook, email (jecakenic@gmail.com), Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Twitter or whatever you choose 

    Favourite dish? Gyros (Greek specialty ) and French fries



    Name:    Ian Kell



    Its not just the Scots who wear kilts, This photo was taken as I got ready for my daughter's wedding.It is different from a Scottish Kilt because it is not tartan.  

    Country: Britain

    Personal information: I am a Maths teacher in North East England but (and perhaps this is vanity)  I like to consider myself as someone with an inquisitive mind with few limits to what I find interesting. I love the outdoors;  mountains, forests  seaside as well as  cities and towns. Naturally this mean I adore travel. But I also love music and my tastes are similarly eclectic with tastes ranging from 15th century  folk music all the way to punk and heavy metal covering all genres  in between. I love reading but perhaps my tastes are not quite as catholic. I like classical literature, legends, thrillers, spy stories and the surreal. I like sport but this is an issue which brings me nothing but sadness at the moment. My favourite rugby team only won 2 games in 2015, my football team were relegated from the top division and the English football team.....pah they are so bad if they were playing in my back garden I would shut the blinds.

    What do you like about eTwinning?  E Twinning allows me to travel the world in my mind, it tears down the barriers to curiosity , it pours water on the sandcastles of prejudice and bigotry. It is a platform which allows students and teachers to escape from the narrow confines of a prescriptive curriculum to really develop the joys of learning.

    How would you like to communicate?  On Twin space of course, facebook works for me. I have twitter but dont use very often

    Favourite dish? either Indian food or fish and chips



    Name: Lotte Tingsager



    Country: Denmark

    Personal information: I am a math, German, Science and Home Economics teacher. My students are age 13-16. 

    I live in a small town in the northern part of Funen called Otterup. From there we only have about 5 km to the sea, and I love spending time by the sea together with my children, my husband and our dog. When the weather allows, we often go sailing in our boat. I like reading in my spare time and knitting, something I havent done for a long time, but a colleague of mine showed me her work, and I wanted to try it out again.  

    What do you like about eTwinning? I am not that experienced. I have only dont one project, so I am here to learn ;-) What I hope to achieve for my Students and I, is to meet new people, get to know cultures of other Countries in Europe, and perheps these meetings could lead to friendships. The more we learn about each other, the more we appreciate each other.

    How would you like to communicate? On Twinspace 

    Favourite dish? Lasagne or frikadeller with red cabbage and potatoes 



    Name: Alena Buroňová 

    Picture: This group took part in the VI Sokol folklore group festival in June. The man on the left is my colleague who helped me to teach pupils to dance. Our lessons started in March and in the beginnig of June we are happy after a succesfull performance. The girls took part in Erasmus+ project and know Steven but they finished school.


    Country: Czech Republic

    Personal information: I am a Math teacher, I also teach English to pupils who are 10 - 15 years old. I like projects, travelling, meeting new people and using IT tools and English so I joined eTwinning 5 years ago. I write various project to get more sources, pupils and teachers for development of English languge in my school. In my free time I cycle, do folklore dances with my husband, read adventurous books in English, try to learn new IT tools. When I was younger I used to play chess and row. I live in a flat in Ostrava, an industrial city near Slovak and Poland border which is surrounded with forests, fields and hills. 

    What do you like about eTwinning? I like the availability, creativity and international cooperation of eTwinning projects.

    How would you like to communicate? I would like to use email, Facebook, possibly Skype or any other video tool for conferences.

    Favourite dish? My favourite dish is chicken with baked potatoes. 



    Name: Silje Lie



    Country: Norway

    Personal information: I am a teacher for 14-15 year olds. I teach English, Norwegian, Computer science and International cooperation. I love to travel and get to know new people. I love skiing in the winter and drive a boat in the summer. I live near the coast andt my home city consists of a group of islands near Sweden called Hvaler (near Fredrikstad). I am new at etwinning, and I am exited to be a part of this project. 

    What do you like about eTwinning? I like to get to know new people and get to know new parts of the word. It is exiting to get to know how other teachers teach aroud the world, and how we can exchange ideas.

    How would you like to communicate? I would like e-mail (sill@hvaler.kommune.no) and facebook, and perhaps skype.

    Favourite dish? Tacos or lobster with white bread and mayonnaise 



    Name: Nataša Trbojević

    Picture: This is me with my favorite drink - coffee

    Country: Serbia

    Personal information: I live in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, with my husband and two children - a boy (7) and a girl (10). I teach mathematics in a middle school (12 - 14 year old pupils in this school year). I enjoy music, movies and theater. When it comes to cooking and food, I'll just say that I adore watching 24kitchen.

    What do you like about eTwinning? Working with Anica on Sierpinski project provided some experience with this platform, but there is still much to learn. Generally, I like the possibility of meeting different people, sharing and exchanging ideas. I hope my students will be interested in future activities and that we will be successful in performing our tasks.

    How would you like to communicate? The easiest way for me is by Facebook, Twinspace, Twitter, email (trbojevic.natasa@gmail.com)

    Favourite dish? All kinds of fruits, ice creams or bread are ok with me.


    Name: Jelena  Milinkovic



    Country: Greece

    Personal information:: I  am  English  teacher in the secondary  school. I have five children, four girls and one boy. I enjoy  working with  children. 

    What do you like about eTwinning? ? Communication  with people from the rest  Europe,  working online, learning from distance

    How would you like to communicate? Twinspace, facebook, skype  jelenamil29@gmail.com

    Favourite dish? Meat pie, pasta with  mince meat( παστίτσιο), cheese pie



    Name: Olena Kononenko



    Personal information: I'm an English teacher of a secondary school in the rural town in the centre of Ukraine. My students are between 12-17 and they willingly participate in different projects . We are always open to new ideas.

    What do you like about eTwinning?  I've already got some experience of working on collaborative projects and find the project work to be very exciting, motivating and the one that opens the minds and hearts of my students. 

    How would you like to communicate? Facebook, Twinspace, Skype: olenav66, personal email, school email.

    Our school is also ready to have face-to-face meetings via international student seminars or just usual students excanges.

    Favourite dish? Stuffed fish, cabbage rolls




    Name: Marilena Faiciuc


    Country: Romania

    Personal information: 

    I’m a Math teacher in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. My town is called “The heart of Transylvania”. My students are between 11 and 19 years old. My students from high school are trained to become future teachers in kindergarten and primary schools. I like to listen any kind of good music, from classic to jazz, electronic, rock, hip-hop and I like to walk in nature, but not only and I like to take pictures.I love the mountains and I try to have at least a hike every year. 

    What do you like about eTwinning? 

    Here in eTwinning there are enthusiastic teachers and developing projects make more interesting the learning process and help me to develop a good relation with my students. I like to see how other teachers and students work and think.

    How would you like to communicate? 

    I use Facebook and thanks to eTwinning I discovered Twitter.

    Favourite dish? 

    I’m not pretentious, I like almost  any food, especially if I’m hungry. I love Boiled Corn on the Cob, cranberries  and hazelnuts.




    Name:   Daniela Dimitrova


    Country:  Bulgaria

    Personal information: 

    I'm a math teacher at a secondary school in Sevlievo-small town in central Bulgaria. I teach large and small pupils. I wish they comprehensively develop, to bring them into innovations and challenges.
    I love many mountains and nature, I love to read and skiing.

    What do you like about eTwinning? 

    eTwinning for me is a challenge and a great opportunity to develop, connect with colleagues, learning innovation. I love eTwinning. He gave me a lot and I learned a lot here. I am very grateful to Steven De Foer. He was the author of etuinig my first project where I was inspired to work.

    How would you like to communicate?       e-mail, Facebbok

    Favourite dish?   chicken with melted cheese




    Name: Sarina Zaman


    Country:  Belgium

    Personal information: 

     I'm 25 years old and this year was only my second year as an English/French teacher at Berkenboom secondary school in Sint-Niklaas. I first studied advertising before I decided to become a teacher. I teach 11-14 year old pupils and I love it 😊 I live in Melle in the Belgian province of East Flanders. Two of my favourite free-time activities are swimming and watching Netflix. 
    I'm also interested in photography and reading. I've learned all about Etwinning from Steven (hero!).

    What do you like about eTwinning? 

    My pupils get the chance to practise their English in authentic ways by communicating with other pupils from a different country. They use the things they've learned in a fun and motivating way. I, myself, have also learned a lot through Etwinning like using creative tools, getting to know our cultural differences, Mystery skyping, ... 

    Favourite dish? 

    pork sausages and apple sauce :)


    Name: EWA GAJEK


    Country: POLAND

    Personal information: 

    I'm 45 years old. At school I work 20 years. I teach vocational subjects and knowledge of culture. I love your work and students.
    We promote the campaign of loud reading for preschoolers. And my passion is etwinning and decoupage projects. We carry out projects related to broadly understood cultural issues: film, food, fashion, book ...

    What do you like about eTwinning? 

    ALL!!! I realize projects since 2009. I have met many fantastic teachers. My students have met their peers from European countries. Etwinning teaches language, culture, tolerance, respect. Motivates to work. Etwinning is a creativity at work.

    Favourite dish? 

    Lasagna, pizza and salads