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      Червено зеле  Varză roşie  tsiteli kombosto/წითელი კომბოსტო

     červené zelí     Купус   Rødkål      rode kool



    A)  Description, varieties, aroma, taste,...

      by Sofia Velyka and Yulia Kutsa, School 5, Monastyryshche, Ukraine  



    +B) Real and Art Picture (+ information about the artist)


    Made with Padlet

    C) In 10 steps how to grow a red cabbage


    D) In which countries worldwide is it grown (produced)? Cultivation history

    E) Import and export in Europe


    F) Prices in Europe/ world



    +G) Recipes with red cabbage


                                      Red Cabbage Recipe  By Abigail Bloomfield


    This is a Christmas recipe and the cabbage is a sort of pickle to serve with Turkey or Goose.



    2 lb (1 kg) red cabbage

    1 lb (450 g) onions, chopped small

    1 lb (450 g) cooking apples, peeled, cored and chopped small

    1 clove garlic, chopped very small

    ¼ whole nutmeg, freshly grated

    ¼ level teaspoon ground cinnamon

    ¼ level teaspoon ground cloves

    3 level tablespoons brown sugar

    3 tablespoons wine vinegar

    ½ oz (15 g) butter


    Pre-heat the oven to 150°C.


    You will need a large casserole with a tight-fitting lid



    Shred the rest of the cabbage finely,


    Next, in a fairly large casserole, arrange a layer of shredded cabbage seasoned with salt and pepper, then a layer of chopped onions and apples with a sprinkling of garlic, spices and sugar. Continue with these alternate layers until everything is in. Now pour in the wine vinegar, lastly add dots of butter on the top.

    Put a tight lid on the casserole and let it cook very slowly in the oven for 2-2½ hours, stirring everything around once or twice during the cooking.

    Red cabbage, once cooked, will keep warm without coming to any harm, and it will also re-heat very successfully. And, yes, it does freeze well

    H) Science experiment 1: Search a science experiment suitable for a cabbage. Each of the responsible schools does the experiment, and compares the results. (you can invite every person in your group to do the experiment)

    The red cabbage indicator rainbow, and the chemistry behind the colours!

    I) Science experiment 2: Foodpairing : red cabbage in combination with another (vegetable or fruit )

    J) Health benefits and Nutrional values:

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor red cabbage nutrition

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor red cabbage nutrition


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